A Collection of the Most Famous Naats in English
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Assalamu Alaikum - This Naat Site is under construction, over the next few weeks, so please bear with us.

We hope to present the original scanned images of the Letters of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and a detailed writeup, in the coming weeks.
Free Books of Naats and other Islamic Literature (in MS Word 97 format) have been attached at our other site, "naat.intranets.com". See below.
The purpose of these booklets is to give the “Na’at Lovers” and budding Na’at Khwaans a chance to read up and in fact practice even more popular Na’ats in Roman Urdu. For example, the present generation of youth may be fully conversant in Urdu, but might lack the fluency when it comes to reading and writing. Innumerable requests were made by this young generation, who are also keen to express their love for the Prophet, who was, is, and will be Rehmatul Lil Aalameen, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAW). It is intended therefore that these humble books will suffice their needs. At their behest Volume 2 has been rushed to the publishers whilst work on Volume 3 has already begun. Incidentally, one of the correct dictionary definition of a Na’at is an “Eulogy”, “Panegyric”, “Encomium”; which is a high praise given in a speech or a written format.
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